Gilead Har’El (1977 - 1996)

Curriculum Vitae

The first part is a translation of a short chronology prepared by Gilead, for submission to the Technion in February 1995, when he applied for studies in Architecture and Town Planning for the academic year 1995-96. The original Hebrew text is available here.
February 1, 1977:
Born in Illinois, USA.
July, 1978:
Immigrates to Israel.
September, 1983:
Studies in the first grade in “Fichman” elementary school, Haifa.
August, 1984 until July, 1986:
Lives in New Jersey, USA, studies in the second and third grades in an American school (now speaks and writes English too).
Studies youth electronics in the Technion’s Extra-Curricular Studies department.
September 1989:
Accepted to the art school “Re‘ut”, studies there three years in Plastic Arts department, under the teachers: Belo Simion-Feinaro, Ora Shealtiel, Peter Gronov, Serjio Liniado.
A Painting on display in an international exhibition on the subject “The Family”, in Paris.
September, 1992:
Accepted to the School for Excellence in Science and Arts in Jerusalem, and to “Wizo”, the Henrietta Irwell Municipal Secondary School for Art and Design , Haifa. Decides to study in Haifa.
September 1992 - end of Academic year 1994/5:
Studies in “Wizo Haifa”, in the Plastic Art department, the subjects Sketching, Sculpting, Color, Photography, Printing, under the teachers: Yiftach Brakin, Mirit Cohen-Caspi, Dror Ben-Ami, Josian Vanunu, Carmela Ben-Yishai, Anat Massad, and was guided in the project by Natis Solomon and Dorota Bialis.
February 1994:
Displays an architectonic work in the open days in “Wizo” Haifa.
May 1994:
Displays a work in a group art exhibition on ecology: “Kav-Mit’ar”, in the Exhibition Park, Tel-Aviv.
May 1994:
Presented with his work in “Boker Tov (Good Morning) Israel”, the Israeli Television show.
Summer 1994:
Presented with his work as a part of a television report aired for two month in El-Al planes, about the subject of Israeli Culture in Summer 1994.
Summer 1994:
Awarded a first prize in an international competition on environmental quality organized by the European Community. Participate in a convention on the same subject in Brussels, Belgium.

The rest was added after Gilead's sudden death.
July 1995:
Graduates “Wizo” with double honors: Best Academic Achievement in both General Studies and Art Studies.
October 1995:
Starts studies in the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
February 1, 1996:
Gilead is 19 years old. Finishes the winter semester. Uses his vacation to prepare his home page on the Internet, complete with an on-line birthday greeting for his brother, Nadav.
June 26, 1996:
Presents his final project for the spring semester, “Neighborhood Library”.
June 27, 1996:
Last day of classes in the spring semester at the Technion. On his way to the Technion, Gilead suffers a fatal heart arrhythmia which causes a sudden cardiac death. All attempts to revive him fail.
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