Two-Year Art Project 1993-5

The Accompanying Text — a Collection of Articles


Gilead Har’El


The articles were written, one after the other, in the span of a year and a half, as a part of the creation process.

Each articles characterizes another stage in the work, and explains its principles.

  1. 11th Grade Mini Project, or - Collection, Investigation, and Processes as a Basis to an Annual Project (12th Grade) PS PS

  2. 12th Grade Annual Project (Direct Continuation of 11th Grade Project) PS PS

  3. Third Report: Second Stage of 11-12th Grade Project: "The Cognitive Stage" PS PS

  4. Verbal Consideration to the Work (Series) "Zvi Har’El in the Computer Room at the Technion, November 1994, Haifa / My Dad" PS PS

  5. 12th Grade Art Project in its Final Reincarnation, and Thoughts for the Future, April 1995 PS PS

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