Happy Birthday to NADAV

Happy Birthday to Nadav Har'El

Didn't expect this, did ya?!

Well, instead of drawing and writing on paper, like a normal person, I've decided to surprise you by making an on-line birthday card!

The thing is, I don't exactly know what to wish you, exept have a funfilled birthday, year, life and so on...

In honor of your birthday, as you probably already know, we bought you ,of course, shokko biss and some other stuff (you'll get them on your jewish birthday), I really hope you enjoy them.

I know this page ain't that fancy, it dont have no maps, shmaps, tables, shmaples...

But you know what I mean! and it's what ya mean that counts!!!

Oh yeah! I forgot, I wanted to present you with...


A blinking shokko bis!!!!

So, to sum it all up, I have to thank a few people for making this possible:
Aba and Ima, (for having us); The guys at bell labs (for inventing unix!); Poodie and Terry (just for being so cute); and of course, last and certainly not least,
(For teaching me html! otherwise I could'nt make this "card"!)

You can see I'm not real serious throughout this "card", so I'll take this chance to wish you (and I really mean it!) a very happy, healthy, wonderful, awsome, terriffic sensational, grand, gorgeous (not georgian!), fun, delightful

From your loving brother, Gilead Har'El

©1996 Gilead Har'El